Thanks again for the feedback.

Well, the list of ones which are good is shorter: pretty much LSI and 3Ware (for SATA). You can suffer with Adaptec if you have to.

Good. We don't plan on using IDE, but I've pondered Firewire.

If we went with a single CPU, like Athlon/Opertron64, would CS
storming go away?

Yes. And then you might be able to use SW Raid. Of course, you may lose performance in other areas with the 1 processor.

Good to know.

You mentioned earlier that to get around the CS bug, avoid the query structures which trigger it. Dumb question: How do you isolate this?

Is there a way in a Postgresql query to only look at 1 processor only in a dual-CPU setup?

FYI:Our company has an near-identical server (SCSI and IDE)for testing purposes of the animal hopsital application that is used. If there are any test patches to Postgresql to deal with CS storm, we can test it out if this is possible.

Any likelyhood this CS storm will be understood in the next couple months?


Steve Poe

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