On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 04:02:39PM +0100, Hervé Piedvache wrote:
> I don't insist about have data in RAM .... but when you use PostgreSQL with 
> big database you know that for quick access just for reading the index file 
> for example it's better to have many RAM as possible ... I just want to be 
> able to get a quick access with a growing and growind database ...

Well, in any case, you need much better hardware than you're looking
at.  I mean, dual Xeon with 2 Gig isn't hardly big iron.  Why don't
you try benchmarking on a honking big box -- IBM P690 or a big Sun
(I'd counsel against that, though) or something like that?  Or even
some Opterons.  Dual Xeon is probablt your very worst choice at the


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