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I dropped the primary key constraint and ran the explain analyze on the same query and here is what i get seq scans on both the tables , still doesnt make use of the index on common.attribute table .

Nested Loop (cost=0.00..5609.19 rows=1 width=104) (actual time=11.875..319.358 rows=1 loops=1)
Join Filter: ("outer".fknamestringid = "inner".stringid)
-> Seq Scan on attribute attribute0_ (cost=0.00..5604.76 rows=1 width=104) (actual time=11.541..318.649 rows=2 loops=1)
Filter: (numericvalue = 775.0)
-> Seq Scan on string text1_ (cost=0.00..4.41 rows=1 width=4) (actual time=0.277..0.319 rows=1 loops=2)
Filter: (value = 'squareFeet'::text)
Total runtime: 319.496 ms

Tom Lane wrote:

Pallav Kalva <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

alter table common.string drop constraint pk_string_stringid;
explain analyze ... same query ...

what do u mean by rollback exactly ? i can drop the pk constraint and run explain analyze and see how it behaves.

The point of the rollback is that you don't really make the pk constraint go away. It is gone from the perspective of the EXPLAIN, but after you rollback it's back again. Easier than rebuilding it...

                        regards, tom lane

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