i am running a High availability Postgresql server on redhat
linux 9. I am using NFS mount of data directory from a shared storage. The server was running without problems for last two
months. The server is connected to a dialin router where all my company units dialin and update the database.
Concurrently i have some 25 to 50 connections at peak hours.

Following are the problems i am facing

1) When 3 or 4 clients connect to this server, the pids are created and
those pids are not killed even after the client disconnects.
after sometimes some 10 to 20 pids gets created and postgres reject client connections.

2) After one or two concurrent connections, the server slows down.
The postmaster occupies more than 90% of the memory.

3) Even when restarting server, after one or two connection from clients, the pids start increasing automatically to 10 or 13. This again slows down the server.

Please help me to sort out this issue

Thanks in advance .



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