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Din Adrian wrote:
yes I have read this as well ...

One question about this option:
fsync = true / false
a) I have Raid and UPS - it is safe to turn this off ... (' But be very aware that any unexpected database shutdown will force you to restore the database from your last backup.' - from my last backup if the server goes down ??? why ? just at 'any unexpected database shutdown' ? ....!!!!!!!!!!!)

Because fsync=true flushes transaction details to disk (the Write Ahead Log). That way if (say) the power-supply in your server fails you can check the WAL and compare it to the main database files to make sure everything is in a known state.

b) in docs say that after 7.2 seting this to false does'n turn off the wall ...!? wich option does?

The docs don't say that, as far as I can see. It doesn't make sense to turn off the WAL.
Richard Huxton
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