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We were at this moment thinking about a Cluster solution ... We saw on the
Internet many solution talking about Cluster solution using MySQL ... but
nothing about PostgreSQL ... the idea is to use several servers to make a
sort of big virtual server using the disk space of each server as one, and
having the ability to use the CPU and RAM of each servers in order to
maintain good service performance ...one can imagin it is like a GFS but
dedicated to postgreSQL...

forget mysql cluster for now.

Sorry for the late reply.

I'd second that. I was just on the Solutions Linux in Paris and spoke with MySQL people.

There were some questions I had around the new NDB cluster tables and I stopped by at their booth. My question if there are any plans to add foreign key support to NDB cluster tables got answered with "it will definitely be in the next version, which is the one containing NDB cluster, so yes, it will support foreign key from the start".

Back home I found some more time to investigate and found this forum article http://lists.mysql.com/cluster/1442 posted by a MySQL AB senior software architect, where he says exactly the opposite.

I don't know about your application, but trust me that maintaining proper referential integrity on the application level against a multimaster clustered database isn't that easy. So this is in fact a very important question.


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