When trying to restore my template1 database (7.3.4) I am 
experiencing very long delays.  For 600 users (pg_shadow) 
and 4 groups (pg_group) it is taking 1hr and 17 minutes to 
complete.  All of the create user statements are processed in a 
matter of seconds, but each alter groups statement takes 
about 10 seconds to process.  I have done a full vacuum, 
reindex (contrib) and restart before my run, but this did 
not have an impact on load times.  I have also searched 
the archives to no avail and modified my postgresql.conf 
file as recommended General Bits on

One other thing to mention is that this restoration has 
been occurring on our slave server every hour for the 
last 3-4 months and seems to be getting progressively 
worse even if new users are not created in our master server.

DUMP:   pg_dumpall -g > foo
RESTORE:        psql template1 < foo

Ben Young

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