Hi Josh, there are 8 internal disks - all are [EMAIL PROTECTED],000 RPM, fibre

The O/S is on 2 mirrored disks, the Postgres cluster is on the /data1
filesystem that is striped across the other 6 disks.

The shared_buffers value is a semi-educated guess based on having made 4GB
shared memory available via /etc/system, and having read all we could find
on various web sites.

Should I knock it down to 400MB as you suggest?

I'll check out that URL.



> Paul,
>> I would like to know what /etc/system and postgresql_conf values are
recommended to deliver as much system resource as possible to Postgres.
>> use this Sun box solely for single user Postgres data warehousing
> What's your disk system?
>> shared_buffers = 500000
> This is highly unlikely to be optimal.   That's 3GB.   On test linux
> up to 8GB, we've not seen useful values of shared buffers anywhere above
400mb.    How did you arrive at that figure?
>> sort_mem = 2097152
>> vacuum_mem = 1000000
> These could be fine on a single-user system.   sort_mem is per *sort*
> not per query, so you'd need to watch out for complex queries spillling
> swap; perhaps set it a 0.5GB or 1GB?
> Otherwise, start with the config guide at
> --
> Josh Berkus
> Aglio Database Solutions
> San Francisco

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