On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 04:01:20PM +0800, Hasnul Fadhly bin Hasan wrote:
> I am just wondering, by default, autocommit is enabled for every client 
> connection.  The documentations states that we have to use BEGIN
> and  END or COMMIT so to increase performance by not using autocommit. 
> My question is, when we use the BEGIN and END statements, is autocommit 
> unset/disabled automatically or we have to disable/unset it manually?

What version of PostgreSQL is your server running and what client
software are you using?  PostgreSQL 7.3 had a server-side autocommit
setting, but it caused problems with some clients so 7.4 got rid
of it and left autocommit up to the client.  How to enable or disable
client-side autocommit depends on the client software, but if you're
able to execute a BEGIN (or START TRANSACTION) statement then you
should be inside a transaction until you execute COMMIT (or END)
or ROLLBACK.  That is, unless your client intercepts these statements
and does whatever it wants....

Michael Fuhr

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