> Hi,
> I changed fsync to false. It took 8 minutes to restore the 
> full database.
> That is 26 times faster than before. :-/ (aprox. 200 tps) 
> With background writer it took 12 minutes. :-(

That seems reasonable.

> The funny thing is, I had a VMWARE emulation on the same 
> Windows mashine, running Red Hat, with fsync turned on. It 
> took also 8 minutes to finish.
> Probably the Linux code is better + VMWARE optimises (physical) disk
> access.(?)

Vmware makes fsync() into a no-op. It will always cache the disk.
(This is vmware workstation. Their server products behave differntly, of

> It seems to me, I need 2 types of operating modes:
> - For bulk loading (database restore) : fsync=false
> - Normal operation fsync=true

Yes, fsync=false is very good for bulk loading *IFF* you can live with
data loss in case you get a crash during load.

> Am I right? How can I do it "elegantly"?

You'll need to edit postgresql.conf and restart the server for this.

> I Think, it should be a "performance tuning guide" in the 
> docomentation.
> (not just explaning the settings) Playing with the settings 
> could be quite anoying. 

There is some information on techdocs.postgresql.org you miht be
interested in.


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