I got the answer that is in module config of postgresl-webmin , there is a check box for

Use DBI to connect if available?            yes   no            the default is
yes , but if I choosed no everything went fine.

I also test it in the desktop mechine and get the same error and the same
solution. Could you explain what happen to the FC3 + postgresql and webmin 1.8?

Well, given the error was coming from the postmaster, I don't believe that DBI or webmin have anything to do with it. What I can believe is that DBI=yes and DBI=no are using different parameters for connecting, therefore hitting different parts of your old (see below) pg_hba.conf settings.

I concur with the other poster, and suspect that the files *were* using
some form of ident identification, but have been subsequently edited to
use trust - but the postmaster has not been restarted to know this! Try

$ pg_ctl reload

to get running with 'trust'.

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