Given some recent posts / irc issues with dead tuple bloat..

And given that a lot of these people have at least been smart enough to explain analyze would it be A. possible B. useful C. None of the above to have various "scan" nodes of explain analyze also report how many invisible / dead tuples they had to disqualify (Just to clarify, they matched the search criteria, but were invisible due to MVCC rules). Some thing like:

Seq Scan on boards (cost=0.00..686.30 rows=25430 width=0) (actual time=8.866..5407.693 rows=18636 loops=1 invisiblerows=8934983098294)

This may help us to point out tuple bloat issues quicker... or it may give the developer enough of a clue to search around and find out he needs to vacuum... hmm.. but once we have an integrated autovacuum it will be a moot point.....

Also another thing I started working on back in the day and hope to finish when I get time (that is a funny idea) is having explain analyze report when a step required the use of temp files.

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