Hi, All

I'm trying to tune a software RAID 0 (striped) on a solaris 9, sparc box.  
Currently I'm using a raid 1 (mirrored) array on two discs for the data area,
and I put in 4 new drives last night (all are f-cal).  On the new array I have 
a width of 4, and used the default interleave factor of 32k.  I believe
a smaller interleave factor may get me better read performance (I'm seeing a 
bulk load performance increase of about 35% but a 7-8x worse read performance
between the two RAID setups.)

Conventional wisdom is  using an interleave factor < = db default block size 
gives the best read performance.  I would like to try that (though this testing
is burning a lot of daylight, since I'll have to reload the db every time I 
remake the RAID.)

Question:  what't the best block size to use for postgresql on solaris?  (I'm 
using 7.4.5)

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