Sven Willenberger wrote:

Trying to determine the best overall approach for the following

Each month our primary table accumulates some 30 million rows (which
could very well hit 60+ million rows per month by year's end). Basically
there will end up being a lot of historical data with little value
beyond archival.

If this statement is true, then 2 seems the best plan.

2) Each month:
SELECT * INTO 3monthsago_dynamically_named_table FROM bigtable WHERE
targetdate < $3monthsago;
DELETE FROM bigtable where targetdate < $3monthsago;
pg_dump 3monthsago_dynamically_named_table for archiving;

It seems like this method would force the table to stay small, and would
keep your queries fast.  But if you ever actually *need* the old data,
then you start having problems.


I think (3) would tend to force a whole bunch of joins (one for each
child table), rather than just one join against 3months of data.

Any takes on which approach makes most sense from a performance and/or
maintenance point of view and are there other options I may have missed?

Sven Willenberger

If you can get away with it 2 is the best.


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