Hi all,

I am doing research for a project of mine where I need to store several billion values for a monitoring and historical tracking system for a big computer system. My currect estimate is that I have to store (somehow) around 1 billion values each month (possibly more).

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these kind of big numbers of data in a postgres sql database and how this affects database design and optimization.

What would be important issues when setting up a database this big, and is it at all doable? Or would it be a insane to think about storing up to 5-10 billion rows in a postgres database.

The database's performance is important. There would be no use in storing the data if a query will take ages. Query's should be quite fast if possible.

I would really like to hear people's thoughts/suggestions or "go see a shrink, you must be mad" statements ;)

Kind regards,

Ramon Bastiaans

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