Jeremiah Jahn wrote:

I have about 5M names stored on my DB. Currently the searches are very
quick unless, they are on a very common last name ie. SMITH. The Index
is always used, but I still hit 10-20 seconds on a SMITH or Jones
search, and I average about 6 searches a second and max out at about
30/s. Any suggestions on how I could arrange things to make this search
quicker? I have 4gb of mem on a raid 5 w/ 3 drives. I'm hoping that I
can increase this speed w/o a HW upgrade.


It sounds like the problem is just that you have a lot of rows that need to be returned. Can you just put a limit on the query? And then change the client app to recognize when the limit is reached, and either give a link to more results, or refine query, or something like that.


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