> I did everything you said and my query does perform a bit better.  I've
> been getting speeds from 203 to 219 to 234 milliseconds now.   I tried
> increasing the work mem and the effective cache size from the values you
> provided, but I didn't see any more improvement.  I've tried to looking
> into setting the shared buffers for Windows XP, but I'm not sure how to do
> it.  I'm looking in the manual at:

Now that you know how to change the shared_buffers, want to go ahead and run 
the query again?

I'm pretty concerned about your case, because based on your description I 
would expect < 100ms on a Linux machine.    So I'm wondering if this is a 
problem with WindowsXP performance, or if it's something we can fix through 

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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