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There is. I beleive QueryPerformanceCounter has sub-mirosecond

Can we just replace gettimeofday() with a version that's basically:

No, because it's also used for actual time-of-day calls. It'd be necessary to hack executor/instrument.c in particular.

                        regards, tom lane

It seems that there are 2 possibilities. Leave gettimeofday as it is,
and then change code that calls it for deltas with a
"pg_get_high_res_delta_time()", which on most platforms is just
gettimeofday, but on win32 is a wrapper for QueryPerformanceCounter().

Or we modify the win32 gettimeofday call to something like:

gettimeofday(struct timeval *tv, struct timezone *tz)
 static int initialized = 0;
 static LARGE_INTEGER freq = {0};
 static LARGE_INTEGER base = {0};
 static struct time_t base_tm = {0};
 LARGE_INTEGER now = {0};
 int64_t delta_secs = 0;

 if(!initialized) {
   base_tm = time(NULL); // This can be any moderately accurate time
function, maybe getlocaltime if it exists

 delta_secs = now.QuadPart - base.QuadPart;
 tv->tv_sec = delta_secs / freq.QuadPart;
 delta_secs -= *tv.tv_sec * freq.QuadPart;
 tv->tv_usec = delta_secs * 1000000 / freq.QuadPart

 tv->tv_sec += base_tm;

  return 0;

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