Gaetano Mendola wrote:
Richard Huxton wrote:

OK, so looking at the original EXPLAIN the order of processing seems to be:
1. v_sat_request is evaluated and filtered on login='...' (lines 7..15)
This gives us 31 rows
2. The left-join from v_sat_request to v_sc_packages is processed (lines
This involves the subquery scan on vsp (from line 16) where it seems to
think the best idea is a merge join of programs to sequences.

Whel basically v_sc_packages depends on other 3 views that are just a simple
interface to a plain table.

If I execute a select only on this table I get reasonable executions time:

=== cpu_tuple_cost = 0.07

# explain analyze select * from v_sc_packages where id_package = 19628;
 Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..15.96 rows=1 width=131) (actual time=41.450..41.494 
rows=1 loops=1)
   ->  Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..11.86 rows=1 width=116) (actual 
time=1.022..1.055 rows=1 loops=1)
         ->  Nested Loop Left Join  (cost=0.00..7.89 rows=1 width=104) (actual 
time=0.330..0.345 rows=1 loops=1)
               ->  Index Scan using packages_pkey on packages p  
(cost=0.00..3.90 rows=1 width=104) (actual time=0.070..0.075 rows=1 loops=1)
                     Index Cond: (id_package = 19628)
               ->  Index Scan using package_security_id_package_key on 
package_security ps  (cost=0.00..3.91 rows=1 width=4) (actual time=0.232..0.237 
rows=1 loops=1)
                     Index Cond: ("outer".id_package = ps.id_package)
         ->  Index Scan using idx_sequences_id_package on sequences  
(cost=0.00..3.90 rows=1 width=16) (actual time=0.670..0.685 rows=1 loops=1)
               Index Cond: (19628 = id_package)
               Filter: (estimated_start IS NOT NULL)
   ->  Index Scan using programs_pkey on programs  (cost=0.00..4.02 rows=1 
width=19) (actual time=0.078..0.086 rows=1 loops=1)
         Index Cond: (programs.id_program = "outer".id_program)
         Filter: (id_program <> 0)
 Total runtime: 42.650 ms
(14 rows)

=== cpu_tuple_cost = 0.01

=== cpu_tuple_cost = 0.001

I don't know what you think you're measuring, but it's nothing to do with the plans. If you look at the plans carefully, you'll see they're all the same. The "cost" numbers change because that's the parameter you're changing.

I'm not sure it makes sense to vary cpu_tuple_cost from 0.07 down to 0.001 - that's a factor of 70 difference. I might be tempted to halve or double it, but even then only after some serious testing.

  Richard Huxton
  Archonet Ltd

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