Hi Tom.  I referenced the status line of pgAdmin.  Per the pgAdmin help file:
"The status line will show how long the last query took to complete. If a dataset was returned, not only the elapsed time for server execution is displayed, but also the time to retrieve the data from the server to the Data Output page."

>>> Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 3/11/2005 12:10 PM >>>
"Lou O'Quin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> it appears to actually be hypersensitive to the transport delay. The =
> ratios of time for the data transport (assuming 1 for the local server) =
> are:
> 1 : 2.43 : 7.71

> whereas the query execution time ratios are:
> 1 : 2.08 : 25.5  (!!!)

How do you know that's what the data transport time is --- ie, how can
you measure that separately from the total query time?

            regards, tom lane

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