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COPY would be my recommendation.  For a no-programming-effort solution
you could just pipe the output of pg_dump --data-only -t mytable
into psql.  Not sure if it's worth developing a custom application to
replace that.

I'm a programming-effort kind of guy so I'll try COPY.

My web app does lots of inserts that aren't read until a session is
complete. The plan is to put the heavy insert session onto a ramdisk based
pg-db and transfer the relevant data to the master pg-db upon session
completion. Currently running 7.4.6.

Unless you have a large proportion of sessions that are abandoned and hence never need be transferred to the main database at all, this seems like a dead waste of effort :-(. The work to put the data into the main database isn't lessened at all; you've just added extra work to manage the buffer database.

The insert heavy sessions average 175 page hits generating XML, 1000 insert/updates which comprise 90% of the insert/update load, of which 200 inserts need to be transferred to the master db. The other sessions are read/cache bound. I hoping to get a speed-up from moving the temporary stuff off the master db and using 1 transaction instead of 175 to the disk based master db.


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