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I have a RAID5 array (mdadm) with 14 disks + 1 spare. This partition has
an Ext3 filesystem which is used by Postgres. Currently we are loading a
50G database on this server from a Postgres dump (copy, not insert) and
are experiencing very slow write performance (35 records per second).

That isn't that surprising. RAID 5 has never been known for its write performance. You should be running RAID 10.


Joshua D. Drake

Top shows that the Postgres process (postmaster) is being constantly put
into D state for extended periods of time (2-3 seconds) which I assume
is because it's waiting for disk io. I have just started gathering
system statistics and here is what sar -b shows: (this is while the db
is being loaded - pg_restore)

              tps        rtps     wtps      bread/s  bwrtn/s
01:35:01 PM    275.77     76.12    199.66    709.59   2315.23
01:45:01 PM    287.25     75.56    211.69    706.52   2413.06
01:55:01 PM    281.73     76.35    205.37    711.84   2389.86


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