> One thing that stands out is how terribly bad Windows 
> performed with many small single transactions and fsync=true.
> Appearantly fsync on Windows is a very costly operation.

What's the hardware? If you're running on disks with write cache
enabled, fsync on windows will write through the write cache *no matter
what*. I don't know of any other OS where it will do that.

If you don't have a battery backed write cache, then all other
configurations are considered very dangerous in case your machine

If you have battery backed write cache, then yes, pg on windows will
perform poorly indeed.

There is a patch in the queue for 8.0.2, and already applied to 8.1
IIRC, that will fix the bad performance with write-cache on win32.

(can't read the PDF, it crashes my adobe reader for some reason. Perhaps
it contains the information above...)


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