>>>>> "Merlin" == Merlin Moncure <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  >> Consider this query:
  >> SELECT distinct owner from pictures;

  Merlin> [...]
  >> Any ideas, apart from more or less manually maintaining a list of
  >> distinct owners in another table ?

  Merlin> you answered your own question.  With a 20 row owners table,
  Merlin> you should be directing your efforts there group by is
  Merlin> faster than distinct, but both are very wasteful and
  Merlin> essentially require s full seqscan of the detail table.

  Merlin> With a little hacking, you can change 'manual maintenance'
  Merlin> to 'automatic maintenance'.

  Merlin> 1. create table owner as select distinct owner from
  Merlin> pictures; 2. alter table owner add constraint
  Merlin> owner_pkey(owner); 3. alter table pictures add constraint
  Merlin> ri_picture_owner(owner) references owner; 4. make a little
  Merlin> append_ownder function which adds an owner to the owner
  Merlin> table if there is not already one there. Inline this to your
  Merlin> insert statement on pictures.

I just wished there was a means to fully automate all this and render
it transparent to the user, just like an index.

  Merlin> Voila!  Merlin p.s. normalize your data always!

I have this:

    PictureID serial PRIMARY KEY,
    Owner integer NOT NULL REFERENCES users,
    UserID serial PRIMARY KEY,
    Name character varying(255),

Isn't it normalized ?

Laurent Martelli
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