Title: Melding
Hello all.
I am having a couple of tables with couple of hundre millions records in them. The tables contains a timestamp column.
I am almost always interested in getting datas from a specific day or month. Each day contains aprox. 400.000 entries.
When I do such queries as " select ... from archive where m_date between '2005-01-01' and '2005-02-01' group by ... " and so on.
It takes very long. I am having indexes that kicks in, but still it takes sometime.
I have splitted the archive table in smaller monthly tables, it then goes a lot faster, but not fast enough.
I know simular systems that uses Oracle and gains a lot on performance because of the partioning. That kind of anoyes me a bit :)
Does anyone of you have some good ideas on how speed up  such queries on huge tables?

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