I'm using PostgreSQL 8 for a mmorpg.
The part of each operation is : select: 50%, update: 40%, insert: 10%.
I have no more than 4-5 concurrent connections to the database, but each of them does A LOT of queries (several per second).
The database size is about 1GB, but it'll probably be around 2GB in a fews months.
The OS will be FreeBSD (version production 5.3 probably, or 4.10)

At this time, i'm looking for a new server. Before to buy it, I grab some informations..
So, my question is : what would be the best hardware for this type of needs ?
Of course, I'm not asking for a trademark and/or for prices, but for hints.

- What is the most important part of the system : CPU ? RAM ? Disks ?
- Is a server with 2 or more CPUs much better than a server with a single one, for a pgsql database ?
- How much RAM do I need ? The size of the data ? Twice the size ?
- I heard Raid1+0 is better than Raid 5. Is it right ? What would be the best configuration, regarding performances and security ?
- Does the CPU type (i386, PowerPC, ....) matters ?
- A lot of queries probably generate a lot of network output. Does the network controller matters ?
- And finally, last question : is it possible to run a single postgresql database on several servers ? (hardware clustering)

Thanks in advance for your answers, and sorry for my crap english (i'm french).

Camille Chafer

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