> Luckily they that had the chance to work with a truly fantastic DBA (the
> author of an Oracle Press performance tuning book even) before they could
> switch back.  He convinced them to make some of their indexes global.
> Performance dramatically improved (compared with both the unpartitioned
> schema, and the partitioned-and-locally-indexed schema), and they've since
> stayed with partitioned tables and a mix of local and global indexes.

Hmmm.  Wouldn't Greg's suggestion of a bitmap index which holds information on 
what values are found in what partition also solve this?    Without 1/2 of 
the overhead imposed by global indexes?

I can actually see such a bitmap as being universally useful to the 
partitioning concept ... for one, it would resolve the whole "partition on 
{value}" issue.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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