Oleg Bartunov wrote:

stat() is indeed a bigdog, it was designed for developers needs, so we recommend to save results in table.

Anyway, here's my pg_ts_cfgmap now (well the relevant bits):

default_english | lhword       | {en_ispell,en_stem}
default_english | lpart_hword  | {en_ispell,en_stem}
default_english | lword        | {en_ispell,en_stem}

Is it normal that queries for single words (or perhaps they are words
that are common) take a really long time? Like this:

'hispanic' isn't common, I see you get only 674 rows and 'buckingham & palace' returns 185 rows. Did you run 'vacuum analyze' ?
I see a big discrepancy between estimated rows (8041) and actual rows.

Yes, I did a vacuum analyze right before executing these queries.

I'm going to recreate the gist index now, and do a vacuum full analyze after that.. see if that makes a difference.


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