ok, Thanks a lot for your time guys  ! I guess my table is pretty unusual
and thats why this problem has not surfaced until now. Better late then
never ;) I'll cron a "manual" vacuum full on the table.

"Tom Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > Otto Blomqvist wrote:
> >> This table is basically a queue full of records waiting to get
> >> over from our 68030 system to the PG database. The records are then
> >> into folders (using a trigger) like file_92_myy depending on what month
> >> record was created on the 68030. During normal operations there should
> >> be more than 10 records at a time in the table, although during the
> >> of a day a normal system will get about 50k records. I create 50000
> >> to simulate incoming traffic, since we don't have much traffic in the
> >> lab.
> Really the right way to do housekeeping for a table like that is to
> VACUUM FULL (or better yet, TRUNCATE, if possible) immediately after
> discarding a batch of records.  The VACUUM FULL will take very little
> time if it only has to repack <10 records.  Plain VACUUM is likely to
> leave the table nearly empty but physically sizable, which is bad news
> from a statistical point of view: as the table fills up again, it won't
> get physically larger, thereby giving the planner no clue that it
> doesn't still have <10 records.  This means the queries that process
> the 50K-record patch are going to get horrible plans :-(
> I'm not sure if autovacuum could be taught to do that --- it could
> perhaps launch a vacuum as soon as it notices a large fraction of the
> table got deleted, but do we really want to authorize it to launch
> VACUUM FULL?  It'd be better to issue the vacuum synchronously
> as part of the batch updating script, I feel.
> regards, tom lane
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