On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 21:24 -0800, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Karim,
> How about getting some decent disk support?  A single 10K SCSI disk is a bit 
> sub-par for a database with 100's of millions of records.  Too bad you didn't 
> get a v40z ...

Hehe. I have one I am setting up that will be dedicated to postgresql,
hence my question about a week ago about disk partitioning/striping :-)

> Beyond that, you'll want to do the same thing whenever you purge the 
> referencing table; drop keys, delete, re-create keys.  Or think about why it 
> is you need to delete batches of records from this FKed table at all.

The database is for weather data from multiple sources. When adding a
new dataset, I have to create/test/delete/recreate the config in the
FKed table. Users don't have this power, but I need it.
Drop/delete/recreate is a totally acceptable solution for this scenario.

I guess I was wondering if there is other general tuning advice for such
large table indexes such as increasing statistics, etc. 

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