There are a few very valuable tuning documents that are part of the established PostgreSQL-related literature. You don't mention which version of postgres you'll be running, but here are the documents you'll find useful:

7.4: annotated_conf_e.html

general tuning


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On Mar 24, 2005, at 1:46 PM, Reid Thompson wrote:

Using information found on the web, I've come up with some configuration and tuning parameters for a server/db that we will be implementing. I was wondering if I could generate some feedback as to configuration and tuning so that I could compare my estimations with those of others.

Host is AIX 5.1 with 4 cpu's and 4 GB ram. Postgresql will be sharing this machine with other processes. Storage is an EMC storage array. The DB itself is very simple. Two tables, one with 40-45 columns ( largest column will likely contain no more than 32 chars of data ), the other with less than 5 columns ( largest column will contain no more than 20 chars data ). Expected transactions will be along the order of ~600K +- 100K inserts and ~600K +-200K updates per week.


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