Tom Lane Wrote:
> Hmm ... I wonder how hard it would be to teach EXPLAIN ANALYZE to show
> the runtime expended in each trigger when the statement is of a kind
> that has triggers.  We couldn't break down the time *within* the
> triggers, but even this info would help a lot in terms of finger
> pointing ...
>       Seq Scan on ... (nn.nnn ms)
>       Trigger foo: nn.mmm ms
>       Trigger bar: nn.mmm ms
>       Total time: nn.mmm ms

So I got the latest from CVS on Friday night to see how hard it would be
to implement this, but it turns out that Tom has already committed the
improvement, so I'm in Tom's fan club today.  I imported my test dataset
and was almost immediately able to track down the cause of my
performance problem.

Mark Lewis

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