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Alex wrote:

Without starting too much controvesy I hope, I would seriously
recommend you evaluate the AMCC Escalade 9500S SATA controller.


At the risk of shaming myself with another 'me too' post, I'd like to
say that my experiences back this up 100%. The Escalade controllers are
excellent and the Raptor drives are fast and reliable (so far).


I assume AMCC == 3ware now?

Has anyone verified that fsync is safe on these controllers? Ie, that they
aren't caching writes and "lying" about the write completing like IDE
drives oft

For those who speak highly of the Escalade controllers and/Raptor SATA drives, how is the database being utilized, OLTP or primarily read access? This is good information I am learning, but I also see the need to understand the context of how the hardware is being used.

Steve Poe

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