Hardware: relatively modern Intel CPU, OS and database each on its own
IDE hard-drive (separate IDE cables). Enough memory, i think, but i
can't add too much (not beyond 1GB).
Software: Linux-2.6, pgsql-8.0.1

Function: Essentially a logging server. There are two applications (like
syslog) on the same box that are logging to pgsql, each one to its own
database. There are a few tables in one DB, and exactly one table in the
Most of the time, the apps are just doing mindless INSERTs to the DB.
Every now and then, an admin performs some SELECTs via a PHP interface.

Objective: Make the DB as fast as possible. Of course i'd like the
SELECTs to be fast, but the INSERTs take precedence. It's gotta be able
to swallow as many messages per second as possible given the hardware.

Question: What are the pgsql parameters that need to be tweaked? What
are the guidelines for such a situation?

Florin Andrei


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