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> Stefan Weiss wrote:
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> >>>>>Now *that* I want to see.  Aught to be at least as interesting
> >>>>>as the "TCP/IP over carrier pigeon" experiment - and more
> >>>>>challenging to boot!
> >
> > ..
> >
> >>Interestingly, we had a follow on contract to investigate routing
> >>optimization using flooding techniques.  Oddly, it was commissioned by
> >>consortium of local car washes.  Work stopped when the park service
sued us
> >>for the cost of cleaning all the statuary, and the company went out of
> >>business.  We were serving "cornish game hens" at our frequent dinner
> >>parties for months.
> >
> >
> > This method might have been safer (and it works great with Apaches):
> > http://eagle.auc.ca/~dreid/
> Aha - VOIPOBD as well as VOIPOBT!  What more can one want?
> VOIPOCP, I suppose...

Start collecting recipes for small game birds now.  We ran out pretty
quickly.  Finally came up with "Pigeon Helper" and sold it to homeless
shelters in New York.  Sales were slow until we added a wine sauce.

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