> As a result, I modified log_statement to all.  Without my application
> doing anything, I see statements below being executed non-stop.  Who
> is triggering these statemetns?  Is this normal?  What am I doing
> wrong?

> 2005-04-04 18:05:00 CST PARSELOG:  statement: SELECT attnotnull FROM
> pg_catalog.pg_attribute WHERE attrelid = $1 AND attnum = $2
> 2005-04-04 18:05:00 CST PARSELOG:  statement: SELECT def.adsrc FROM
> pg_catalog.pg_class c JOIN pg_catalog.pg_attribute a ON
> (a.attrelid=c.oid
> ) LEFT JOIN pg_catalog.pg_attrdef def ON (a.attrelid=def.adrelid AND
> a.attnum = def.adnum) WHERE c.oid = $1 and a.attnum = $2 AND def.adsrc
> L
> IKE '%nextval(%'

Better ask about that on pgsql-jdbc.  I suppose this is the trace of the
JDBC driver trying to find out column metadata ... but if it's failing
to cache the information that's a pretty serious performance hit.

                        regards, tom lane

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