Alex Turner wrote:

To be honest, I've yet to run across a SCSI configuration that can
touch the 3ware SATA controllers. I have yet to see one top 80MB/sec,
let alone 180MB/sec read or write, which is why we moved _away_ from
SCSI. I've seen Compaq, Dell and LSI controllers all do pathetically
badly on RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10.


How does the 3ware controller do in heavy writes back to the database? It may have been Josh, but someone said that SATA does well with reads but not writes. Would not equal amount of SCSI drives outperform SATA? I don't want to start a "whose better" war, I am just trying to learn here. It would seem the more drives you could place in a RAID configuration, the performance would increase.

Steve Poe

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