How close to this is PG's COPY?  I get surprisingly good results using COPY 
with jdbc on smallish systems (now if that patch would make into the mainstream 
PG jdbc support!)  I think COPY has a bit more overhead than what a Bulkload 
feature may have, but I suspect it's not that much more.

||  Steve, I do not know. But am reading the docs now, and should figure it 
out. Ask
    me later if you remember. Oracle's "direct path" is a way of just slamming 
    filled with rows into the table, above the high water mark. It sidesteps 
    management and all manner of intrablock issues. There is a "payback", but 
the benefits
    far far outweigh the costs. 

> Now...if you ask me "can this work without Power5 and Hitachi SAN?" my 
> answer give me a top end Dell and SCSI III on 15K disks and 
> I'll likely easily match it, yea.
> I'd love to see PG get into this range..i am a big fan of PG (just a 
> rank newbie) but I gotta think the underlying code to do this has to 
> be not-too-complex.....

It may not be that far off if you can use COPY instead of INSERT. But comparing 
Bulkload to INSERT is a bit apples<->orangish.

||  Oh! I see! I had no idea I was doing that!  Thanks for pointing it out 
clearly to me. Yea, I would
    say a full transactional INSERT of 5K rows/sec into an indexed-table is a 
near-mythology without significant
    caveats (parallelized, deferred buffering, etc.) 

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