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> This thread seems to be focusing in on COPY efficiency,
> I'd like to ask something I got no answer to, a few months ago.

> Using COPY ... FROM STDIN via the Perl DBI (DBD::Pg) interface,
> I accidentally strung together several \n-terminated input lines,
> and sent them to the server with a single "putline".

> To my (happy) surprise, I ended up with exactly that number of rows
> in the target table.

> Is this a bug? Is this fundamental to the protocol?

> Since it hasn't been documented (but then, "endcopy" isn't documented),
> I've been shy of investing in perf testing such mass copy calls.
> But, if it DOES work, it should be reducing the number of network 
> roundtrips.

> So. Is it a feechur? Worth stress-testing? Could be VERY cool.

Using COPY from DBD::Pg _is_ documented - presumed you use DBD::Pg
version 1.41 released just today.

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