Adam - 

Is compiling postmaster with profiling support just a flag
in the build/make? Or is there something more involved? 

I'd like to be able to do this in the future and so am
curious about means/methods. 

If this is a RTFM, just let me know that (am currently 
Reading The F Manual), but if you have any "special sauce"
here, that'd be of great interest. 



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Subject: [PERFORM] Tweaking a C Function I wrote

I wanted to see if I could squeeze any more performance out of a C set 
returning function I wrote.  As such, I looked to a profiler.  Is it 
possible to get profile information on the function I wrote?  I've got 
postmaster and my function compiled with profiling support, and can find 
the gmon.out files... can I actually look at the call tree that occurs 
when my function is being executed or will I be limited to viewing calls 
to functions in the postmaster binary?


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