shared_buffers = 8000           # min 16, at least max_connections*2, 8KB
work_mem = 8192#1024            # min 64, size in KB
max_fsm_pages = 30000           # min max_fsm_relations*16, 6 bytes each
effective_cache_size = 40000 #1000      # typically 8KB each
random_page_cost = 1.2#4                # units are one sequential page
fetch cost

These are the items I changed.
In the development box I turned random page cost to .2 because I figured it
would all be faster using an index as all my data is at a minimum being
selected by clientnum.

But the analyze I sent in is from these settings above on a windows box.
If I was running the analyze (pgadmin) on a windows box but connecting to a
linux box would the times be accurate or do I have to run the analyze on the
linux box for that to happen?

I am a little unclear why I would need an index on associate by location as
I thought it would be using indexes in location and jobtitle for their
I did not say where locationid = x in my query on the view.
I have so much to learn about SQL.

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