i'm not totally sure i should ask on this mailing list - so if you think
i should better ask someplace else, please let me know.

the problem i have is that specific queries (inserts and updates) take a
long time to run.

of course i do vacuum analyze frequently. i also use explain analyze on

the problem is that both the inserts and updated operate on
heavy-tirggered tables.
and it made me wonder - is there a way to tell how much time of backend
was spent on triggers, index updates and so on?
total query time: 1 secons
trigger a: 0.50 second
trigger b: 0.25 second
index update: 0.1 second

something like this.

is it possible?
will it be ever possible?


hubert lubaczewski
Network Operations Center
eo Networks Sp. z o.o.

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