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>>So, my question is this: My server currently works great,
>>performance wise.  I need to add fail-over capability, but I'm
>>afraid that introducing a stressful task such as replication will
>>hurt my server's performance. Is there any foundation to my fears? I
>>don't need to replicate the archived log data because I can easily
>>restore that in a separate step from the nightly backup if disaster
>>occurs. Also, my database load is largely selects. My application
>>works great with PostgreSQL 7.3 and 7.4, but I'm currently using
>>I'm eager to hear your thoughts and experiences,
> Well with replicator you are going to take a pretty big hit
> initially during the full sync but then you could use batch
> replication and only replicate every 2-3 hours.
> I am pretty sure Slony has similar capabilities.

Yes, similar capabilities, similar "pretty big hit."

There's a downside to "batch replication" that some of the data
structures grow in size if you have appreciable periods between
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