This looks very interesting. I'll give it a better look and see if the
performance penalties pgpool brings are not substantial in which case
this program could be very helpful,

Thanks for the hint,

On 4/14/05, Richard Huxton <dev@archonet.com> wrote:
> Slavisa Garic wrote:
> > This is a serious problem for me as there are multiple users using our
> > software on our server and I would want to avoid having connections
> > open for a long time. In the scenario mentioned below I haven't
> > explained the magnitute of the communications happening between Agents
> > and DBServer. There could possibly be 100 or more Agents per
> > experiment, per user running on remote machines at the same time,
> > hence we need short transactions/pgsql connections. Agents need a
> > reliable connection because failure to connect could mean a loss of
> > computation results that were gathered over long periods of time.
> Plenty of others have discussed the technical reasons why you are seeing
> these connection issues. If you find it difficult to change your way of
> working, you might find the pgpool connection-pooling project useful:
>    http://pgpool.projects.postgresql.org/
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>    Richard Huxton
>    Archonet Ltd

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