I agree with you, but I' am the lowly intergrator/analyst, I have to solve the 
problem without all
the authority (sounds like a project manager). I originally started this thread 
since I had the $7k budget.

I am not a dba/developer. but I play one on t.v., so I can only assume that 
throwing money
at the application code means one understand what the bottleneck in the code 
and what it takes to fix it.

In this situation, the code is hidden by the vendor that connects to the 
database. So, besides persisent requests of the vendor to improve the area of 
the application, the balance of tuning lies with the hardware. The answer is 
*both* hardware and application code. Finding the right balance is key. Your 
mileage may vary.

Steve Poe

If, however, in the far-more-likely case that the application code
or system/business process is the throttle point, it'd be a great
use of money to have a test report showing that to the "higher ups". That's where the best scalability bang-for-buck can be made.

- Ross

p.s. having said this, and as already been noted "7K" ain't
    going to buy that much....maybe the ability to go RAID 10?
p.p.s Why don't we start a PGSQL-7K listserv, to handle this EPIC thread? :-)

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