Is there a performance difference between the two?
which of the PL is most widely used. One problem i have with the plpgsql is that the quoting is really a pain.

Christopher Browne wrote:

After takin a swig o' Arrakan spice grog, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Alex) belched out:

i am thinking about swiching to plperl as it seems to me much more
flexible and easier to create functions.

what is the recommended PL for postgres? or which one is most widely
used / most popular?
is there a performance difference between plpgsql and plperl ?

If what you're trying to do is "munge text," pl/perl will be a whole lot more suitable than pl/pgsql because it has a rich set of text mungeing tools and string functions which pl/pgsql lacks.

If you intend to do a lot of work involving reading unmunged tuples
from this table and that, pl/pgsql provides a much more natural
syntax, and will probably be a bit faster as the query processor may
even be able to expand some of the actions, rather than needing to
treat Perl code as an "opaque blob."

I would definitely be inclined to use the more natural language for
the given task...

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