On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, Joel Fradkin wrote:

> Another odd thing is when I tried turning off merge joins on the XP desktop
> It took 32 secs to run compared to the 6 secs it was taking.
> On the Linux (4proc box) it is now running in 3 secs with the mergejoins
> turned off.
> Unfortunately it takes over 2 minutes to actually return the 160,000+ rows.
> I am guessing that is either network (I have gig cards on a LAN) or perhaps
> the ODBC driver (using PGADMIN III to do the select).
> I tried to run on psql on the server but it was putting it out to more.
> If I do it and use > test.txt will it run it all out so I can get a time?
> Does it display the time anywhere like in pgadminIII?

Redirecting should turn the pager off. \timing will add a timing number
after queries.  If you want to not be bothered by the pager, you can turn
if off with \pset pager off.

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