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> William Yu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Using the above prices for a fixed budget for RAID-10, you 
> > could get:
> > 
> > SATA 7200 -- 680MB per $1000
> > SATA 10K  -- 200MB per $1000
> > SCSI 10K  -- 125MB per $1000
> What a lot of these analyses miss is that cheaper == faster 
> because cheaper means you can buy more spindles for the same
> price. I'm assuming you picked equal sized drives to compare
> so that 200MB/$1000 for SATA is almost twice as many spindles
> as the 125MB/$1000. That means it would have almost double
> the bandwidth. And the 7200 RPM case would have more than 5x
> the bandwidth.
> [...]

Hmm...so you're saying that at some point, quantity beats quality?
That's an interesting point.  However, it presumes that you can
actually distribute your data over a larger number of drives.  If
you have a db with a bottleneck of one or two very large tables,
the extra spindles won't help unless you break up the tables and
glue them together with query magic.  But it's still a point to

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