> That max_fsm_pages value is enough to cover 8Gb, so it should work OK for
a database disk footprint up to 10 or so Gb.  > I don't know how many tables
in your installation so I can't say if max_fsm_relations is high enough, but
you can check >that by looking at the tail end of the output of VACUUM
VERBOSE.  (Or just count 'em ;-))

The last count in vacuum verbose shows me 92 relations, and I know the lower
value for max_fsm_relations is enough, maybe I'll change to 500.

> Offhand these look reasonable, though, so if you are seeing database bloat
over time it probably means you need to tweak > your autovacuum settings.
I'm not much of an autovacuum expert, but maybe someone else can help you

I'll let the autovacuum running this week to see what happen. 

> You might want to keep track of physical file sizes over a period of time
and try to determine exactly where the bloat > is happening.

There is two mostly used and bigger tables, I'll keep eyes on both tables.

Rodrigo Moreno

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