I think the add more disks thing is really from the point of view that
one disk isn't enough ever.  You should really have at least four
drives configured into two RAID 1s.  Most DBAs will know this, but
most average Joes won't.

Alex Turner

On 4/18/05, Steve Poe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Alex,
> In the situation of the animal hospital server I oversee, their
> application is OLTP. Adding hard drives (6-8) does help performance.
> Benchmarks like pgbench and OSDB agree with it, but in reality users
> could not see noticeable change. However, moving the top 5/10 tables and
> indexes to their own space made a greater impact.
> Someone who reads PostgreSQL 8.0 Performance Checklist is going to see
> point #1 add more disks is the key. How about adding a subpoint to
> explaining when more disks isn't enough or applicable? I maybe
> generalizing the complexity of tuning an OLTP application, but some
> clarity could help.
> Steve Poe

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